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Over the last two years, Cardano has become one of the most polarizing projects in crypto, with critics pointing to the excruciatingly slow dev cycle, and true believers on the other side (myself included) who fawn all over the the academic rigor and engineering gravitas of the IOHK team. …

In my last article, I put forward a framework for researching and evaluating blockchains. Before I go deeper and look at specific DApps and tokens running in an ecosystem, I want to apply the framework to a real world example. Below is my research and evaluation of the Polygon network.

What is it?

Yesterday was the Armageddon. I have seen a couple of different theories on the crash including a rug pull by the devs, active DOS attack against Polygon network, or a feedback loop where stablecoin sales caused hyperinflation of the collateral coin which further devalued the stable. …

A couple of days ago I went down the rabbit hole of recursive lending and extreme liquidity farming on Polygon. My step-by-step article generated some interesting discussion on r/defi, and a few folks asked me for an update.

Before diving in, I have to give a caveat that I didn’t…


  1. Get some ETH. Move it into your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Set up MetaMask for the Polygon/Matic sidechain.
  3. Wrap your ETH and move it over to Matic Network as PoS-WETH.
  4. Deposit your money in the Aave platform to earn MATIC reward tokens.
  5. Borrow from Aave, re-deposit what you borrowed. Loop. 🤯. …


Leader of software engineers. Crypto enthusiast. Amateur bicycler.

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